Bring Your Network Closer to the Edge

Regional Australian edge data centre's with redundant infrastructure, offering quarter racks to dedicated facilities.

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Carrier-Neutral Colocation for Network Operators & Content Providers

Edge Centres enables interconnection with Telco, RSP, and Content Delivery Networks across Australia.

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A New Standard in Co-Location A New Standard in Co-Location

Your co-location costs are reduced when your electricity is generated locally. Up to 4kW density per cabinet is available at all our locations, as well as cross-connects and dark fibre services.

Power Savings

Creating the power at a cheaper rate than we can purchase it means your costs are also reduced.


We use specially designed free cooling direct expansion systems to ensure your critical IT load is cooled in the most efficient way.


We offer 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G, 200G, and 400G network port options. This allows you to grow on-demand as and when you require it.

Scalable Options to Suit Your Business

Edge Centres has a range of options for your critical IT workloads. Our data centre racks are available in 1/4 (10RU), 1/2 (20RU), and full varietals (42RU).

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