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Everything you need to succeed Everything you need to succeed

Edge Centres brings its new de-poi model to Mackay , focusing on reliable colocation services, a carrier-neutral ecosystem, and diverse routes with connections to all major carriers 

Carrier Neutrality

We are the first 100% carrier-neutral data centre in Mackay. You are free to choose the most convenient providers for your solution.
We don't get in the middle.

Purpose-built Data Centre

Because we understand how important it is to you; EC21 Mackay has a redundant infrastructure, reliable and secure so that you can focus on your business. No worries.

Redundant Fibre Connex

With our fibre crossing infrastructures, you get the benefits of unlimited bandwidth dedicated to your business and the support of Edge Centres SDN end-to-end solution .

Data centre facility specifications Data centre facility specifications

The first off-grid purpose-built data centre in Mackay


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Whenever you think about interconnecting to Edge, think Edge Centres for these strategic locations.

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