EC5 Albury

475 Kiewa St Albury NSW
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Access the largest concentration of RSP
networks in one place

Opening in 2021 and featuring fully redundant infrastructure and access to ALL major telco's, EC5 Albury  represents a reliable gateway to Australia for edge computing, global network operators and content providers.

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Everything you need to succeed Everything you need to succeed

Edge Centres brings its new de-poi model to Albury, focusing on reliable colocation services, a carrier-neutral ecosystem, and diverse routes with connections to all major carriers

Carrier Neutrality

Experience the freedom of interconnection with a carrier-neutral colocation provider. Neutrality encourages competition, enriches our ecosystem, and drives prices down.

Connectivity Ecosystem

Connect to multiple networks without a middleman. EC5 Albury has all the major networks and 8 of the TOP 10 ISPs in the Australia

Redundant Fibre Connex

Diverse and independent of existing routes.
Our EDGE to POI Fibre Crossing connects EC3 with the all major telco's 

More than 150 RSP's
and Telco Operators

The carrier ecosystem in EC5 Albury connects the major network operators in Australia and the World. This facility also features the EIX, the first IXP focused on Edge connectivity

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Our redundant infrastructure guarantees that you equipment will always be protected and connected.


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Whenever you think about interconnecting to Edge, think EC on these strategic locations.

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