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A neutral ecosystem for peering networks to increase performance and save more on transit costs

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The EDGE Matrix

The first edge cloud on-ramp service in Australia built to connect global cloud providers with all the major Australian carriers in a completely neutral ecosystem

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The Edge Matrix is the only edge cloud on-ramp service between cloud and top content providers and Australian networks in regional areas.

0 Mbps Traffic Peak

Connect your edge workloads with both major cloud providers in a seamless connection. At Edge Centres we are available at any time to make traffic communication and exchange easier.

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On-Ramps mean smarter connections On-Ramps mean smarter connections

Reduce your operating costs and enhance your network performance by directly connecting on our carrier-neutral Edge Matrix. Our platform is located at our initial locations including EC1 Grafton, that is home to the world’s first off-grid data centre.

Transit Savings

The Edge Matrix helps you save OPEX by providing a direct path between workloads therefore reducing the load on normal IP Transit links.

Network Performance

Enhance performance reliability and reduce latency for the by connecting directly to the major cloud providers.

Network Collaboration

Connect at multiple Edge Centre locations for backup, disaster recovery, or active - active configurations. The Edge Matrix suits all requirements.


Edge Matrix

Supported at all our locations, the Edge Matrix is available and redundant across our network.

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The Edge Matrix The Edge Matrix

Australias only edge cloud on-ramp delivered locally, with access to both AWS and Azure

  • 100% Neutral

    Establish your on-ramp connection via any carrier or MSP partner.

  • Port Speeds

    The Edge Matrix features 1G and 10G ports on a Layer 2 Ethernet platform.

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Starting with AWS and Azure, we will add more clouds as they become available.

  • Redundant Paths

    Our network has redundant paths not only from each Edge Centre, but also to and from each cloud provider.

  • NOC + SLA

    For your peace of mind, we provide 24/7 NOC support and carrier-grade SLA for the Matrix.

  • The Portal

    Stay up to date with real-time statistics of your ports, see the list of providers and request new ports using the Edge Centre Portal.

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