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POI Connex into Regional Australia

Our POI Connex offers a more robust and reliable connection option to meet the demands of the growing market of Australian businesses in regional areas.

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POI Connex

Connect beyond the Edge Connect beyond the Edge

Our POI Connex in regional Australia provides a neutral dark fibre solution to connect with our data centres at the edge.

Redundant Routes

For your peace of mind, the routes are independent of existing fibres across each regional location and provide full redundancy with a protected circuits available in each location.

Hassle Free

Our POI connex saves you the time and effort of dealing with complex builds of your own fibre across the region. We provide the full colocation and fibre solution.

Cost Effective

The cost of building fibre into any location can be expensive. We have taken the hassle out of it buy already deploying into every POI. Isn't it time you de-POI'd your equipment!

Dark fibre and Colo
in one provider

We make it easier for you, by offering a full colocation bundle including POI connex, off-grid colocation services and unparalleled customer support, all with just one provider.

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Flexible deal with competitive pricing Flexible deal with competitive pricing

Our Dark fibre Service allows carriers to connect directly to the POIs.

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