Autonomous Data Centres

Artificial Intelligence to monitor all aspects of our facilities, reporting to a central command centre.

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Our AI-Enabled Platform Monitoring Every Location at Every Second

More than a DCIM, intellEDGEnce monitors cameras, access control, environmental, mechanical, and electrical. It constantly analyses the PUE and compares all locations to offer a benchmark of site performance in real time.

Disrupting the data centre industry Disrupting the data centre industry

Edge Data Centres differ from standard facilities, as most are unmanned. This leads to a requirement for the monitoring system to be the eyes and ears of a facility. More than BMS, EMS, and DCIM combined, all EC(x) facilities have no generators, no UPSs, hybrid cooling, and Autonomax™ power.


From facial recognition to access control, IntellEDGEnce monitors all movement of all facilities internally and externally whilst monitoring for foreign objects, smoke, or unrecognised personnel.


From every PV cell to each lithium battery, we monitor and analyse all facets of power generation. The data provided is used to compare each location against its environmental factors for better efficiencies.


Our hybrid-cooling system utilises free cooling and direct expansion. Some of our locations are able to run in free-cooling mode 365 days a year.

Customer First

Smart Patching

IntellEDGEnce allows customers to remotely request interconnects to other locations within the facility. This process is then approved by the other third party, and the patching is established. No delays, no disruption.

Mission Critical Support

Being at the Edge when Something Goes Wrong

We have smart hand and feet available at every location 24/7. We can assist with logistics, hands-on support, and troubleshooting, all requested from within the portal.

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