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We are
Building the
Future of Edge

Edge Centres is creating the next generation of the edge data centre industry. Across APAC, North America and beyond, we're building a global platform of highly modular, highly sustainable Edge Pods capable of bringing ultra-low-latency connectivity and compute resources where they're needed most: as close to the end user as possible.

The Edge is a place of innumerable applications and infinite possibility. Edge Centres is the partner who will take you there.

Our Values


We’re rethinking the Edge from start to finish and building a new kind of global platform from the ground up.


One standardised design. Limitless variations to suit any niche application.


Ensuring we produce more clean, renewable electricity than we consume, making us truly Carbon Positive.


The Edge is fluid, ever-changing, and flows to fit any space, use case, or application. We’re like the Edge; we’re like water.


Artificial Intelligence ensures we have true granular visibility and true total control over our sites.


We integrate with other facilities across our whole platform, ensuring seamless integration and limitless scalability from the Edge to the Cloud.

"Edge is bringing applications where they need to be: as close to the end user as possible. Edge Centres is driving the low-latency future of a data driven world."

Jonathan Eaves
Founder & CEO, Edge Centres

Executive Team

Almost 50 years of combined Data Centre knowledge driving innovation and disruption.

Jonathan Eves
Jonathan Eaves
Founder & CEO

Building a Vision

A 30+ year veteran data centre builder and tireless evangelist for the future of the edge. Jonathan Eaves combines decades of experience with relentless passion to build, grow, and revolutionise the industry.

John Howl
John Howl

Experience and Expertise

John Howl is a data centre specialist and former CEO with over 30+ years’ experience and 11+ years residing in SE Asia.

Yu Jeen Lim
Yu Jeen Lim
Country Manager (Malaysia)

Where Technology Meets Business

Yu Jeen Lim combines technological expertise with business development experience and deep local knowledge, making him the perfect choice to lead Edge Centres’ expansion in Malaysia.

Oren Schneider
Oren Schneider
Country Manager (America)

Talent, Skill, Ambition

A serial entrepreneur and CEO, Oren Schneider combines a passion for bold, exciting projects with a track record of growth, profits, and results-oriented business acumen.