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Grow at the Speed of the Digital Edge

Home to more than 110 million customers, across more than 7,000 islands, with over 70 million people located outside cities in underserved and isolated markets, Edge Centres’ entry into the Philippines represents the start of an incredible journey. The edge can be anywhere. In a country with a growing population, one of the world’s fastest-growing digital economies, and a widening digital divide, Edge Centres is set to expand throughout Clark and beyond with multiple edge locations.

EC41 Clark


Growing At The
Speed of Edge

In 2019, the edge data centre industry was worth US $5.3 billion. By 2030, it’ll be worth $50.3 billion.

We grew from a single facility to a global platform of edge data centres in just over 18 months, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. Edge Centres is the world’s biggest, fastest, and most disruptive edge data centre operator. More locations. New markets. Limitless applications.

We’re growing at the speed of edge, and we’re just getting started.

Initial locations in Australia and Asia are the beginnings of one of the largest edge infrastructure rollouts of any company. This is just the beginning of our growth trajectory into Asia (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and more)

Everything You Need To Succeed

Edge Centres brings its new de-poi model to , focusing on reliable colocation services, a carrier-
neutral ecosystem, and diverse routes with connections to all major carriers

Carrier Neutrality

We are the first 100% carrier-neutral data centre in . You are free to choose the most convenient providers for your solution. We don't get in the middle.

Purpose-Built Data Centre

Because we understand how important it is to you; has a redundant infrastructure, reliable and secure so that you can focus on your business. No worries.

Redundant Fibre Connex

With our fibre crossing infrastructures, you get the benefits of unlimited bandwidth dedicated to your business and the support of Edge Centres SDN end-to-end solution.

Data Centre Facility Specifications

The first off-grid purpose-built data centre in .

icon-PowerPower & Cooling

Electrical Capacity - 4kW/Rack supplied by Autonomax

icon-Port-SpeedsPort Speeds

Our EIX ports offer 10G and 100G ports on a Layer 2 Ethernet platform


Physical – Bluetooth with Facial Recognition


Building Type – Single-story structure

icon-Fire-ProtectionFire Protection

Fire Suppression – FM200 & CO2 Detectors - VESDA for Smoke & Flame

icon-Interconnection-Options-AvailableInterconnection Options Available

Fire Cross Connects – Single-Mode fibre (LC connectors), CAT6

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