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Cybercon, a leading provider of advanced data center solutions, is excited to announce the successfully completed acquisition of Orion Data Centers, a prominent data center provider located in Mid-MO. This latest expansion of Cyberconsโ€™ growing platform is the latest in a series of steps by Cybercon to support, develop, and unlock the potential of MOโ€™s digital infrastructure.

The acquisition aligns with Cyberconsโ€™ vision to enhance its presence in Mid-MO by offering state-of-the-art regional edge data center solutions and expanded services to a growing client base and partner ecosystem. Utilizing the expertise of a dedicated, experienced team, Cybercon aims to transform the data center landscape in the Mid-MO market, aiding in the regionโ€™s ongoing digital transformation into a fast-growing, densely interconnected technology hub.

“We are delighted to welcome Orion Data Centers to the Cybercon family,” commentedย Jonathan Eaves, Founder and CEO of Cybercon. “This acquisition demonstrates our dedication to delivering exceptional data center services and driving growth in emerging and regional markets. We are excited to leverage our experience to unlock new opportunities for businesses in the region, improving both the quality and accessibility of industry-leading data center solutions available to the people of Missouri.”

Cybercon has a proven track record of providing high-quality, secure, and scalable data center solutions. The companyโ€™s commitment to both customer satisfaction and infrastructural excellence has positioned it as a leader and pioneer at the USโ€™ network edge. With the addition of Orion Data Centers, Cybercon expands its portfolio of services, offering a comprehensive suite of data center solutions tailored to the unique requirements of clients in Mid-MO. Through their expertise in cloud computing, colocation, and managed services, Cybercon empowers businesses with the technological foundation needed for growth, efficiency, and success in the digital era.

“I am excited with the opportunity to sell my data center holdings to a company that will continue and expand services as a data center provider in the Mid-Mo market,” said Kris Knutson, CEO of Orion Data Centers. “Cybercon can provide clients with expanded data center service offerings and the technological diversity needed in this market space.”



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