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Edge Centres Establishes Eastern US Presence With Acquisition of Carrier Hotel in Reston, Virginia

The site, EC104, is the first carrier hotel to join Edge Centres’ growing platform of regional edge data centers. With a capacity of 1 MW (and room to scale), the new site is connected to all major US telecoms, houses 20 individual carriers, and is closely interlinked with all other major providers in the surrounding region.

70% of all internet traffic passes through the state of Virginia, making it the world’s most mature and densely populated data center market with multiple gigawatts of capacity and tens of thousands of miles of installed fiber optic cable. The acquisition of a carrier hotel in this market therefore provides Edge Centres and its customers with the richest interconnection and transportation opportunities for their data in the world.

As Edge Centres’ platform expands, EC104 represents an ongoing commitment to growing our US footprint, establishing a point of presence on the Eastern Seaboard, as the current phase of expansion moves beyond the West Coast and Midwest towards New Jersey, where Edge Centres is exploring new potential additions to its portfolio. EC104, as well as recently acquired sites in St. Louis and Los Angeles, represent the first phase of a 20-facility rollout for Edge Centres over the next three years.

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